Community Christmas


The Nest is teaming up with Community ISD this Christmas to provide gifts for children who's families are in need of financial support. 

The Nest has committed to helping 10 Children. If you feel led, please consider donating money from the options below. You can also donate in store.

All donations are due by December 1st to ensure we have enough time to purchase the gifts and deliver them to the school in time. 

 Click here to donate: 



Below is the information provided by Community ISD:

Community Christmas provides holiday gifts to students whose families are in need of financial support during the holiday season. The signup for this list is now closed.

Each student receives a "read", a "need", and a "want" gift, and the total for all three gifts is capped at $100. Once the student has turned in their “read”, “need”, and “want” list, their data is anonymized and handed out to donors, who then purchase those gifts or similar gifts in the same category. All gifts should be delivered to Community ISD unwrapped, and accompanied by a roll of wrapping paper. 

We need your help to make sure that all students receive a gift. Over 430 students signed up this year, which is a record-breaking amount. Since the program started in 2017 with 130 students, our financially at-risk population has grown each year to 350 students receiving gifts last Christmas. Community ISD will need your help to take care of these additional students, so please contact us soon if you are willing and able to help.

All gifts must be returned to Community ISD by December 10. The distribution dates for the gifts to CISD families will take place on December 15 (6-8 pm), December 16 (6-8 pm), and December 17 (8 am to 4 pm). The location of the gift distribution will be announced soon.